Music to work by

Some days I feel very antsy and unable to focus. After floundering for a bit, I'll remember that music always gets me in the mood for work (even the uninspiring kind which has been much of my workload of late).

Of late, The Bird and the Bee have been my favorite listen. I'm totally hooked.

I tend to stick with the familiar, and Jeremy Enigk has long been my favorite male voice, both with The Fire Theft , Sunny Day Real Estate and of course, his solo work. World Waits is a beautiful CD. If there could be a soundtrack to my life running 24/7 it would be sung by Enigk.

And I'm itching to pick up CSS's cd. I heard their music almost a year ago (I love my Sirius radio!) and really dug them. But then that itouch commercial has burned that song into my brain.