Monday Reads

I thought I'd start each Monday off with a post of our top 5 books from the previous week. Miles is nearly 19 months old, and still LOVES books. He reads the first book I read to him, all by himself! He surprises my husband and I with how well he recalls (and speaks) titles, refrains, passages, etc. He has turned out to be an extremely verbal child, and I feel like he's a bottomless pit with new books. It's a good thing his mommy loves the library!

1. John F. Kennedy and the Stormy Sea: A hand-me-down from my nephew: clearly I didn't pick a level 2 reader for my toddler! Miles follows this story all the way through, and we'll read it several times each day. It's had me reconsidering what types of books I should try with him, actually.

2. Thomas and the Naughty Diesel: What do you do with a Thomas-addicted toddler? Hope that he enjoys the books more than the TV show. Thankfully, there seems to be a lot of these at the Portsmouth Library. Phew!!!

3. Matthew's Truck: I adore the illustrations in this. So soft and simple. A fun fantasy book, and it's added donuts to Miles' vocab (without eating them yet!), so hooray!

4. If You Give a Moose a Muffin: This is my copy, from my first BFF, circa 1991. It took awhile before Miles could get straight through this one. The wandering nature of the story bothered his logical muffin-obsessed mind. Mine too, quite frankly! With this, we added puppet-show to his vocab.

5. Bebe goes to the Beach: *I'm reviewing this later in the week over at the Picture Book Junkies blog.