Mini-break to Seattle

Since I'll be very busy for the next few months, my husband planned a short 3-day vacation to Seattle for us last weekend. Why Seattle? Why not! Cheap tickets from Jetblue didn't hurt the decision-making process either. We managed to see a tons of things in the short time we were there.

One of my favorite moments was exploring the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library. It's architecturally stunning, inside and out, particularly for someone from the east coast who appreciates modern design but sees far too little of it nearby. But what was really overwhelming was the children's department of the library. Enormous and bright and fun, the picture below doesn't quite capture the size. I'd say this shows about 1/5 of the whole space.
The teen area was nothing sort of beautiful also, I noticed Carolyn Mackler's Vegan Virgin Valentine on the display table in front.
And away we go, up the glowing escalators!
And the view from the 10th floor...

Other highlights from the trip were: the Seattle Art Museum; gluten-free baked goods and pastas at the public market; dinner at Wild Ginger; the views from the space needle (of course we went!); the Experience Music Project building designed by Frank Gehry; our picnic-style lunch from public market treats like fresh cheese, fruit, fresh bread for my husband and italian specialty meats; coffee tasting; bookstores; eating junky fastfood out of desperation but overlooking Mt. Rainier while doing it; watching artists work in the hot-shop at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma (look below - they are stretching hot glass!)
views of the hotshop, outside and inside looking up
I'm now fighting off a cold from all the walking around outside and traveling but I'm glad we went. And now... back to work!