Miami Heat, and more...


!!(All images copyright 2007 Gina Perry)!!

I couldn't resist. I'm close to having my next website update ready, complete with a small (but growing!) licensing section of the portfolio. These first three designs were done a few months ago and now that they are in limbo with selling for a product line I thought I could safely share with my small audience.



And below is a small stationary grouping. It's fun putting all these things together. I'm working on the more juvenile and holiday stuff this week (and probably into next). I think the smartest thing to do for licensing is work all digital but I'm finding it tough to get away from the paints. Who would have thought that in a few short months I would be more comfortable with a paintbrush than a mouse/tablet!

I was really nervous about putting licensing work on my website and/or blog due to the world of idea/art theft but I think at this early stage in my career it's probably OK. I've seen a few more well known artists post work on blogs recently so I think I'll try it out and see if there are any negative results. That being said, don't steal my stuff!!! :)