Meet Piper


Piper Louise arrived on May 19th, 2011. She is my best project to date, but equal of course to her sharp big brother Miles and super-dad Kristian.

I took a major detour from my work throughout the whole pregnancy. If anyone ever wants to commiserate about bedrest or the loss of creative energy while expecting, I'm here for you. I literally haven't drawn a thing in many months. To get myself back into the groove (regardless of the upcoming challenges of juggling 2 children and massive sleep deprivation to come), I signed up for The Sketchbook Project. I picked 'treehouse' as my theme and have been filing ideas away for the moment when I pick up a pencil again. I'd love to get my blog out of the pits by sharing that project. I still have zero expectations, and my goal is still to do what makes me happy. Certainly, these next few weeks will be filled with the happiness of just being a new mom again.