Licensing Seminar

I often get asked about licensing from other children's illustrators, and I typically don't quite know how to respond to the most frequent question of 'How do you get into that?' For one thing, I'm just starting out on the 'artist' side of licensing, and for another, my knowledge comes mostly from my background on the 'art director' side of things. It's a BIG subject and one that is better left to the experts, the artists who solely have made their living from art licensing for many years. I've been lucky enough from my former career to have met many such people, and they are almost always VERY savvy, assertive, and extremely smart. One of the things I love most about these successful artists is that they know their value and they do their best to get paid for it - it's sort of the connecting thread I think to most licensing artists. Why shouldn't we as artists make a profit off our hard work and talents?

If you're one of those people that's always wanted to know more about licensing, and you live in the New England area - check out Carol Eldridge's upcoming workshop in Marblehead, MA - sure to be an excellent experience for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the pool! Carol also consults with artists, a really invaluable tool in making the first leap, or getting to the next level. Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend her fantastic workshop, but I hope some of you out there will give it a shot if this is something you've been interested in.