Kitchen Renovations, part 2


Another long weekend of working on the kitchen. As usual I was the 'assistant' which really works out just fine. K ran all the new electrical (see yellow cords) and finished patching the walls. Those funky looking spots aren't an issue since cabinets will be completely covering them. Also, that's the window that he and his dad installed the weekend before. It's actually smaller than our old window but you'd never know. What a difference 1 big clean pane of glass makes. The old one was 6 over 6 double hung. More trim than glass really.


All cleaned up and the ceiling painted white! It's not perfect since there were a lot of patched spots in the popcorn but all things considered I think it's pretty good.


And here sits the cork tiles. Our flooring is scheduled to be installed today, by someone else even! What a treat (but not cheap...). We chose a darker brown than the hardwood since it's obviously a different material, thinking it would be nice if it coordinated but also stood out. I'm happy that we went with a somewhat environmentally-friendly choice. Cork is renewable. It's also quite soft on the feet and I'm looking forward to that part a lot! My only concern is that the dog will scratch it up but he somehow hasn't done that to our hardwood so maybe we'll luck out. I'll post pics tomorrow with (hopefully!) our beautiful new floor!

The cabinets are scheduled tentatively for installation at the end of the week. I'm really looking forward to seeing things start to go back into our now empty room.