Kitchen Cabinets, going into week4

As requested by my Dad, here's a detail of the countertops. We like them a lot but we tend to like things that are a bit more contemporary than most... Click on the image for a slightly larger version.


And here's the reed glass. This area I jokingly called 'Kristian's station' because I felt like he should just work there and I could move freely through the rest of the kitchen uninterrupted. Alas, the kitchen feels huge now so we'll try sharing the whole space! And we will be replacing that TV with something smaller and hopefully mounted to the cabinet so it can fold out of view. I was NOT thrilled to see that land on the countertops yesterday!

Are we done you say? No. They were really close but they messed up a cabinet. It doesn't quite function and it's a big problem. Hopefully it gets solved this week. We also now need a plumber for our complicated sink/gb/dishwasher and maybe someone to hook up our range hood b/c it will need to vent out the roof. The old one recirculated throughout the house via the attic and AC vents. It was gross to smell tacos several hours later...