Kitchen Cabinets, week 3

So we're at week 3 of things going into the kitchen. I don't even remember when we started taking things out and demo'ing originally, it's been THAT long.

Today, countertops were installed. I have to keep running out of my office to look at them. So shiny and new! The kitchen feels freakishly large now, it's going to take time to get used to it all. The timing is terrible because I need to be hustling on last minute Surtex work (less than a week to get ready!) and meanwhile I could be cleaning the cabinets and putting all our loot away.

Here are some progress pictures:
Ignore the empty spot (where the oven needs to go) and the missing door cabinets (yes, the installers are not quite finished, big surprise!).
From the other side. I'm soooo excited about that big kitchen sink!
Otto makes an appearance. Note how shiny/reflective the counter is, crazy! I wasn't expecting that. You can clearly see our dining room lamp... I'm pretty much afraid to touch anything in the kitchen yet. It's just fun to look at. OK. Back to work!