Kitchen Cabinets, day1

Yesterday was a bit crazy. After waiting several hours past when we were told they would arrive, our cabinetmakers came with all the base cabinets and drawers. Do you think Otto approves?
We were only expecting the peninsula to come over the wood floor by about 6", this is more like 14" which has the effect of making the interior of the kitchen space feel huge!
Because we chose a style where the drawers/doors are a full overlay of the cabinets, they will actually install the doors on location. This way they will be as level and tight as possible. The bank of drawers in the bottom left corner will be our 'junk drawers' for all those misc. things that you must store in life, dog leashes, batteries, cough drops, matches, etc...
The giant box on the left is our new pantry! Missing drawers and doors but still, I can picture all the stuff that's been lingering in our front room for over a month now tucking in here, organized and hidden. The box to the right of that is for the refrigerator. Seeing all the cabinets without the old fashioned center rail like our 70's style kitchen had makes them look twice as big. Soon those cereal boxes, milkbones, and protein tubs will be dashed away!

Today the upper cabinets arrived and we probably have at least all day today and probably another half day of installation and finishing ahead of us. They'll need to add the crown moulding, door fronts, and hardware. It's getting a little old being trapped in my office with Otto who has been insisting on too much lap-time while I'm at the computer and general whining. But it will all be worth it!