Kennedy Studios, Opening Reception

Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening on Friday! I thoughtthe event was a great success. It seemed busy and active the whole time. The show will be up until at least  early June so come visit if you find yourself in Portsmouth. Kids welcome of course!

I kept telling Robert that I am notorious for blinking in photos, but ironically he is blinking in the picture I grabbed from my Dad - sorry Robert, it was the only group shot he had. (You'll post a better pic on your blog I just know it!)
Me, Robert, Tess, and Teri. You can see Teri's lovely watercolor spread above my shoulder, David McPhail's work behind us at eye level and Robert's work just below. My work and Tess' is just out of sight here. Other illustrator friends who paid a visit were Vita, Andy, Eric, and Nicole. Ok, now back to work!!!