It's a Zoo out there...


I spent my afternoon at the York Zoo yesterday, taking lots of photos and trying (poorly) to sketch these fabulous little monkeys. Perhaps if they didn't move so quickly I might have fared better, but it's really part of their cuteness. I especially loved the squirrel monkeys, so tiny and cute. Those spider monkeys really know how to use their tail for optimum lounging too.

This was my first trip to a zoo for sketching/inspiration purposes and I found it really overwhelming. I honestly didn't think there would be so many animals at a zoo so close to home (York is about a 45 min. drive). I'll be back again this summer, but will be smart and get up there early to beat the heat. It was blazing by mid-afternoon!


This lovely asian elephant is almost 60! I touched her trunk for about a half a second but it was surprisingly crusty!
These fallow deer roamed free in one section. Note how they are staking out the food machine. They're no fools!