IF : Citrus, Color Study


After a long run of working on just licensing and production work, I'm back to children's illustration for a few days! Last week I was looking at my sketch for IF: Citrus and thought it might be a nice summery promotional postcard. I also wanted something a little more versatile to send out beyond children's publishers to try and get some editorial work. Not that this is 100% editorial, but I've actually used most of my 150 Daniel's Dream postcards and something about them just screams children's book! while to me this seems like it could fit a magazine piece too.

I modified the original sketch a little to make it fit a standard postcard. Oh, and I changed it from a swinging bench to a stationary one. The rope going off the illo/page was bothering me a bit. So with my color study done, I'm off to paint this in gouache! I'd love to be this little girl for a few hours, happily reading in the sun with a cool beverage and a warm little friend at hand. I still might try making the dog sneaking a peek at her book or her. Sneaky looks are tricky though!