ICA Boston

Friday I finally trekked down to Boston to visit the ICA Boston. For several years I had seen the architectural drawings, renderings, and 3D fly-throughs of this place. But to see and experience it firsthand was amazing.

IMHO, the ICA's biggest fault is that the ultra-modern space can be a bit confusing. Granted, I have no sense of direction and get visually overwhelmed easily but not knowing which door leads to the bathroom, ICA administrative offices, or other areas is sort of unusual in a museum.

My favorite pieces at the museum were:
The Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture above. Stunning. Beautifully crafted, delicate and detailed. This was in honor of her mother as she was a protector and weaver. Not fitting a societal norm of the image of motherhood, but really beautiful.


Misaki Kawai, "Space House," 2006. A very large, complex installation. My friend Suzanne described it (in jest) as Pee Wee's Playhouse but she's not far off the mark. Crafted using naive, low-brow craft techniques (think glue, yarn, papier-mache) it filled the space with odd little rooms surrounded by swirls of roller-coaster like tracks and spacecraft. My favorite part was the little exercise room where the doll was watching a miniature tv of himself working out. I didn't love it for it's technical execution, but for the obsession and sense of fun and sarcasm that the artist was driven by for what must have been months in order to create this. God Bless America and our freedom of personal expression. :)

I also loved seeing a real live Jeff Koons 'rabbit', the steel sculpture that looks like a silver mylar balloon. So precise and exacting.

The museum is fairly small in it's collection, but just right for leisurely exploring. It has a great balance of paintings, installations, video art, sculpture, and photography. Something for everyone you could say.

The space itself is AMAZING. There is a mediateque full of glossy macs but I couldn't be bothered with them. I just sat in front of what I thought was the best view of the boston waterfront. Staring at the water from this very sterile and soothing room. Above this room on the fourth floor is technically a 'better' view and benches to chill on.

I don't get down to Boston/Cambridge often enough and now I have another great reason to visit. If you live near Boston or come for a visit, definitely plan on making this part of your agenda.