Guest Artist

My niece Julia drew this for me the day of my baby shower last month - that's the baby right there!

I'm a few weeks from my due date, and I'm not really doing much work. I finished a book up last week and have been getting slower and slower at doing all the other things I normally do in life (and in work). I've had a lot of pain in my hands this week, so I'm trying not to draw and aggravate them. Since I've been neglecting my blog, I thought I'd post Julia's drawing. I still need to post pictures of the nursery, my studio, and a belly pic (now that I'm as big as I can POSSIBLY get!) but I'm waiting on my husband to shoot these things with our new fancy camera (that I'm afraid/unskilled to use). Once I saw how beautiful the pictures were he was taking with the new camera, my old one has been collecting dust!