Germs, Part Deux


I had a little time to play today, and in keeping with my personal theme of the week, I continued with germs (sort of). I pulled together a bunch of items I wanted to experiment with on a new piece for a gallery show coming up. Kraft paper (acid-free, scrapbooking), Modge Podge, Pitt Pens, Micron Pigmas, gouache, colored pencil, patterned paper, etc.

I quickly learned that Modge Podge creates a lovely looking, but useless to layer ontop of surface. I'd love to find a way to incorporate it at some point but think it needs to move to the back of the bus for now.


I learned that I just love the Pitt Pen for handling itself well layered under or over gouache. I have a fine point sepia. I might need to look at the whole range to see what's available. Don't you love an excuse to buy art supplies, it's been AGES for me! I adore drawing little frames, and once I put this together I had a major A-HA moment and out popped 4 new ideas. Woo-hoo!

I really enjoy this kraft paper as a substrate. It's got just a bit more tooth than my hot-press, that lovely fleck and soft hue. Gouache does pretty well on top, and teamed up with colored pencils and Pitt Pen, and the ability to just glue down hot press - it's the winning combo for my project - stay tuned!