Fruit Line-up

So it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy sending out promotional mailers, including 'Underwater Boy', which I renamed 'Daniel's Dream'. He won't be underwater in part2 as you can guess so the name had to change. Daniel is my nephew who has a great imagination and loves to draw. :)

I've also been working on website updates. It's been fun to rearrange/remove/add to the gallery and redo some other things. I've been waiting on my very busy husband to help me with actually implementing the changes (and teaching me a little css so I can update it myself!)

And... we are smack in the middle of redoing our kitchen. Goodbye 70's style kitchen! This weekend will be the major demolition. All cabinets, wallpaper, layers of flooring, etc must go. I've been taking wallpaper down bit by bit and will post swatches at some point. The older layer (yes, 2 layers) is actually pretty cool.

In the meantime, I've also been working on a new banner for the blog. I thought I'd post some works in progress...


Very tiny, rough sketch on tracing paper. About 2" wide maybe?


A tighter drawing, still on tracing paper but full size. 11" wide. (I'm working bigger!)


A little switch-eroo with some fruits to make it more balanced and interesting. Also some edits to characters. Apple no longer has bruise and band-aid cover-up, banana is grumpy, not cheeky (no toothless grin), and orange gets a little 'crunk'!


Final sketch, on arches hot-press (hence the cream instead of white where I haven't yet painted). I did my color study but figure I'll just do the final reveal when I update the banner. I tried working a little looser with the background wall. I think jail line-up walls would be a bit grimy and splotchy, don't you? Hard for me to tackle with gouache since I like to use it so rigidly. Spotlights are looking a little too cool, I might have to warm them up a bit (or greenish maybe?) with highlights.

Will post the final when I'm finished!