Foot Miracle!

On my way to the farmer's market today I had a mini-revelation that really made my day.

Some of you may know that I eat Gluten-Free (GF) because I have Celiac Disease. Before I went GF, my main noticeable symptom of concern was my feet. One day I noticed I couldn't feel my toe. This progressed over a few years until I was diagnosed with mild Peripheral Neuropathy (PN). The short answer is that my nerves were killed off by malnutrition caused by untreated Celiac Disease. For me at it's worst, this meant numbness, tingling, severe hot, severe cold, and pain that kept me awake a bit at night. PN is usually associated with diabetics and it can range from my mild symptoms to major pain and losing all muscular function. Worse still, it starts in your hands/feet but can work it's way 'up' your nerves. Just doing research on this was highly upsetting.

So I've been on the GF diet for four years and all I kept my expectations low that I could reverse my PN.  When people ask wide-eyed 'What happens?' when I tell them of my allergy/disease I don't bother with the long explanation. I knew that I needed to stick to the diet because I wanted my feet to get better. And even if I didn't notice a positive difference, I didn't want to make things worse!

Then today, driving, I started thinking about my feet. I hadn't noticed pain or burning lately. I hadn't noticed night issues. It's been about 7 years since I first noticed my foot issues so I'm not sure I know what 100% normal is anymore, but maybe being on this GF diet has changed things. This alone makes me quite happy. The secondary lesson I'm learning from this is that sometimes good things take time and blind faith. Like leaving my full-time job to work as a full-time illustrator. It's been painfully slow on the children's illustration front but I have faith that if I keep working and making the right choices, good things will follow.

Oh, and I got 4 beautiful tomato plants at the farmer's market for just $4! And while I'm on the topic of earthy crunchy things like plants and organic farmers, here's one of many pieces I'm working on this week for licensing...