Eric Carle Picture Book Museum

So one of the perks of working from home is that you can set your own schedule and enjoy road trips in the middle of the week! I've wanted to visit the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum since it opened in late 2002. It's located in Amherst, Massachusetts; about a 2.5hour drive from where I live in seacoast NH. The museum's Eric Carle exhibit was temporarily closed for an installation but luckily they had a lovely Quentin Blake exhibit. His work is much more crisp and vibrant in person. He has a particular fondness for birds of all kinds, which I certainly appreciate. What was most impressive was seeing how someone can be so sparse with line and detail and still convey so much action, emotion, and personality.
This piece was in the exhibit, from "Fantastic Daisy Artichoke". I love the detail of the middle girl's face through her drinking glass.
Another piece from the exhibit, from "Mr. Magnolia". What's hard to see in this little jpeg are the sweet little rabbits on the side of the road and the old man in the background, tucked into the shadows. Mr. Blake has a wonderful sense of scale. Those children are knee-high and adorable!