Dummy, getting serious

It might be hard to tell from that photo - but I've got myself a book dummy! I did finish it enough to send off for a critique at the NESCBWI Spring Conference. I feel like it's at the point of just polishing details and actually painting 2 final spreads.

This idea started in late 2009. I went through several drastically different drafts, many iterations of sketches, stops, starts, long breaks, etc. I'm very proud of having a little folded booklet to leaf through, but also that I have several other manuscripts in various stages of progress. I'm taking lots of time to write which is frightening but quite rewarding.

I loaned out my tablet so my color study progress hit a major roadblock. I used to 'mouse' quite well with my right hand but I've retrained myself to just draw left enough that I just couldn't be bothered until I can do it with a stylus in my southpaw. I'm not sure how much I'll be sharing here, but hopefully details of finished work if nothing else.

Who else is going to the NESCBWI conference? What are you most looking forward to? Will you be showing your portfolio? I skipped last year's conference for the first time in many years so I'm doubly excited for 2012. Can't you tell?