Dreaming of Summer...

The scene above does not reflect the current season in New Hampshire. We've been getting snow on a regular basis for a few weeks. It's quite beautiful out, and perfect to get in the Christmas spirit, but I'm getting cabin fever far too early in the season.

The above is a snippet of some recent spec work, for summer themed products. I had this theme on my gigantic list of 'things to do' for a long time so it was good to get around to it. Still so much more to do, but I'm happy with where it's heading.

It looks like my schedule is filling up quite well for the first few months of 2008. I'll have more to share on that soon, but for now - mums the word!

While 2007's professional theme was "Building", I think my theme for 2008 will be "Focus and Follow-through". I have piles of ideas, starts to books, a manuscript that needs a dummy, etc. Those ideas just need the time to transform them into more finished things. And with that being said... back to work!