Days 10 & 11 of 21, Part Deux

 June06_v2I forgot to take a picture of the final version, but I drew this princess for my niece's 4th birthday party - as a 'Pin the Crown on the Princess' game for the kids. It was tough figuring in the height of the girls and the size of the crown so I ended up giving her a largish' noggin and cropping her off at the bottom. The game looked like a success and the party was very cute. There was even one little prince - he helped to find the 'true' princess by putting the glass slipper on all the girls. I ended up doing line-work with a sharpie on foamcore and lightly colored pencil-ing everything.
June10And for whatever reason, this was what I ended up sketching yesterday. I'm probably going to skip today's exercise since I'm a little overloaded with work, but perhaps I'll find time in the evening. It's quite hot here in NH so I'm staying indoors near the AC. I hope everyone else is staying cool too!