Just a little detail from an activity reader I illustrated for EECI at the very beginning of 2009. I'm doing a little daydreaming myself today. I've been thinking about 'what's next' for me work-wise.

First, I need to spend some time getting a few picture-book ideas out of my head and onto paper. Second, even though I just mailed one out, I need to think about what to do for my next promo postcard. I've used assignments as postcard imagery for the last 3 rounds. This time I'd like to create something original and from the depths of my wacky thought files - the same place where Monster Tea Party came from. It's where I'd love to see my work go for the pie-in-the-sky goal of trade book work.

I'd also like to thank everyone for continuing to read and comment on my badly-neglected blog. I do most of my blog reading in the middle of the night on my iTouch while feeding Miles. Unfortunately, it's hard to juggle all that AND comment, so if I've been lax about commenting on your blogs, I apologize. I love keeping up with everyone's lovely work and interesting pursuits. Hopefully I'll be back to commenting more often soon! And hopefully I'll be posting more regularly here too.