Day out in Boston

I had a nice break yesterday by visiting with friends and spending the afternoon in Boston/Cambridge. For some reason, the city was mobbed with people, a bit unusual for a Thursday afternoon. After a tasty lunch at Wagamama's in Harvard Square we did a little shopping at a few of my favorite stores: Black Ink and Museum of Useful Things. If you've never been, you have to check them out. Chock full of the coolest products, beautiful cards, handy gadgets, housewares, and of course, kid's stuff. I picked up this:
for my niece's 6th birthday. Eeboo products are all beautiful and I was happy to find something that fit her VERY girly personality. I would have loved a game like this at her age too and I was never much for fashion! A big goal of mine is to work with Eeboo someday as an illustrator for their lovely products.

I also saw Becoming Jane. It was a really lovely film, just as I expected. I'm glad that I went into it not knowing much about Jane Austen's personal life so the events were all a surprise. I admit that if I did read an Austen novel in high school I disliked it (apparently I can't remember, I've blocked the memory as I do with many things I've disliked!) I know it goes into the same mental pile as Wuthering Heights and Anna Karenina. I may try to read some of her work now that I'm older but I can't promise much.