Day 3 of 21

This goes against my instincts and better judgment - painting on chipboard. Yikes! Oh, but I DID try to answer Ellen's challenge to do a collage. I had all the materials there, but this piece of chipboard jumped out and next thing you know I have a little sketch that I would rather just paint instead of figuring out how to cut out the right shapes to make it a collage. Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow or just start over and actually DO the collage. I really liked the quote I found in my graveyard of scrapbooking supplies (note: if you work in the scrapbooking industry but don't actually scrapbook, you'll end up with oodles of stuff you don't know what to do with but don't really want to throw out either...)

So to clarify, the goal is to spend at least 15 minutes. The first day was like 20, the next like 30, and I don't know how long I spent with this but I'm guessing over an hour. I have tons of 'free' time this week - it would be harder if I was trying to wedge this in with other work! If you want to join in, do so at any point. The other goal is that after 21 days it will be a new habit although I think I'll pick a new theme. Maybe writing (as Andy mentioned), maybe character development, maybe 'things i avoid drawing' - who knows!