Day 16 of 21

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me kind words after my grumpy post yesterday! I appreciate each and every one!

I hate to have a negative post, but I thought it would be better to be honest. Every day is a gift, but some days are just littered with roadblocks, right? It's fun to see so many people joining in on the exercise - be sure to check the links list, updated with some new artists!!!
I had to try him again, this time on nice, comfortable hot-press. I did have a little white border but felt like I should try something different from the past few days and close up the gap. I probably could have added other 'confetti' colors to the background dots for a more playful feeling. I also realized my brushes have reached their limit and that was part of my frustration. Gouache chews through brushes and I'm often too frugal (read - cheap!) to replace them as much as I probably should.