Day 13 of 21, Part Deux

Yes, I know whatever instrument this is supposed to be is completely wrong and un-researched. Chalk it up to lazy sketching. I've fallen quite hard off the 21 day wagon but I'm not deterred, I'll just be moving along at a slower pace. I've also been lax on visiting all the other 21 day'ers blogs. Typically I do a thorough browsing after my post, but if I don't post, I don't usually browse.

I also just made my first post over at the Picture Book Junkies blog. The talented PBJ ladies extended me an invitation to join the group last week and of course I said yes! Thank you ladies!!!

I'm finishing up a painting for a magazine cover today, which will be released in August. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's kosher. I also have a lot to do to prepare for a show at the Exeter Public Library at the end of the summer. It ties in nicely with the release of a book, so I'm wracking my brain thinking of a little program I can put together for the kids. If you live anywhere in the area, and you're also interested in showing your work there, send me an email: me AT ginapery DOT com. I'm sending along a list of artists to the librarian for future exhibits.