Day 12 of 21

I created a little bar on the left with links to all the fine illustrators that are also doing this 21 exercise. You should definitely go check out what they're up to! It's put a little kink in my attempt (yes, attempt) to go internet-free for a week or so. I'm not 100% clean but I've been VERY good overall.
Also, I want to remind anyone doing the exercise that the goal is a minimum of 15 minutes. Very few of my days have been that short, I have a REALLY light plate right now so I have the time to play much longer. I don't want you to think I'm some sort of speedy painter - I'm quite slow actually. Tomorrow I'll make note of the time and post it.

I wish I hadn't done the fire under the pot (turned muddy!) and that I had a smoother soft-edge on the right of the stove. But I do like the outline-y background wash and how it frames things a bit.