Day 11 of 21

Hooray! It looks like I have some company in the fun of the '21 days to make a habit' exercise .  Alicia Padrón and  Kathleen Rietz, both of whom are talented and productive artists - go check them out! It's interesting to read (and see!) what areas they want to sort of focus on for experimenting and playing.
This little cook was a sketch from the airport back when I went to Seattle. There are a few different sketches with her, one with a little dog that I nixed as my last promo-postcard. I don't know where the different style of her face came from but it's been in the back of my head to explore it, and in color! Just to push myself, I did this on cold-press and really tried to keep the face loose but with a bit more shading/detail than I'm used to painting. I still have more to do here. Oh, and I really never do 'soft' edges on spots but I'm trying to keep it that way here (see bottom of her dress).