Day 1 of 21, Part Deux

May23So it seems I fell off the 21-days-create-a-habit wagon. I can blame being sick, but I started to just hop right into work rather than start the day with 'sketching for fun'. I realized this days ago and having been thinking about what my new 'theme' for this time would be (can you tell I get easily bored as this will be my 3rd theme!). There are also a bunch of new 21 day'ers as well as a few I had accidentally left off the list so be sure and check out the links!

So, out of several ideas, the one that seemed in my best interest (and fun!) was to work on developing non-human characters. They can be animals, as long as they are anthropomorphic. You see, I've had a story idea stuck in my head for a long time but I haven't been able to visualize the 2 main characters. I get hung up just thinking about it, so for 21 days I'll sketch and see if the right little guys appear. Oh, and I have no clue why that fat little piggy is winning the race, but he sure looks pleased! I thought it fit IF's theme of WORRY for this week too.