I find so many artists blogging about their collections and today I thought of my own history of collecting. I love small things - odd toys, rocks, shells, gadgets. But through the years I've slowed down the rate at which I pick things up. Partly because as I get older, I try to get rid of things. To simplify. Having so much 'stuff' is extremely overwhelming. I've been in my home for almost 6 years and it's shocking how much we have now. Gone are the days when I could stuff it all in my car (or even a small u-haul).

But in the past I collected this group of little finger puppets. They have followed me to almost every job and sit on guard near my desk on a bookshelf. The guy with the nickel gave me a fat-lip once via my husband and on-the-job antics. My last boss commented that they were like the tsotchkes people bring to bingo, for good luck or something.
I'm leaving them throughout our collection of jade plants and cacti until my husband finds them. He is the main plant-waterer in the house and NEVER reads my blog. I rather like seeing them in their new jungle-like home but I might actually miss having them look over me as I work!