Children's Book Week

Since this is Children's Book Week, I thought I'd share some books I've been reading. I started looking at chapter books and middle grade books this week. I was surprised at how varied the amount of illustration can be in these, some of them seeming to be more like picture books with lengthy text.

Zoe Sophia's Scrapbook - An Adventure in Venice Written by Claudia Mauner and Elisa Smalley. Illustrated by Claudia Mauner. A little girl travels to Venice to visit her Aunt. Written ala journal/scrapbook entries. If I read this as a child, I would dream of visiting Venice. Even as an adult it made me dream of it... I love stories that broaden the mind to other cultures, food, people, cities, etc.

26 Fairmont Avenue Written and Illustrated by Tomie dePaola This is the first in a series of chapter books, all about the experiences of young Tomie dePaola. I really loved this. They transport the reader to the late 30's and early 40's. I've heard Tomie speak a few times now and knew of these books. They just beg to be read aloud, with a bit of Tomie's flair for the dramatic! I'll definitely be checking out more books in this series.

I Can Fly Written by Ruth Krauss and Illustrated by Mary Blair First, this book is beautifully illustrated by Mary Blair, well-know illustrator of early Disney films. Second, the story holds up wonderfully, originally published in 1951. It's adventurous and bold, perfect for very young children.

The House that Jill Built Written by Phyllis Root and Illustrated by Delphine Durand A fun pop-up book that puts a feminine twist to the old story 'The House that Jack Built'. The illustrations are really unique and colorful with layers (literally) of built in humor with lots of doors to open throughout. The fun is in seeing how the house transforms and what each of the characters is up to next.

OK, I'll save the next batch for later this week. Get thee to a library! Read more about Children's Book Week here.