Children's Book Week, part 2

Here are more books, read in the spirit of Children's Book Week!

Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee Written and Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen A dramatic and silly (but not simplistic!) rhyming book with retro-influenced illustrations that glow. Next up, A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee

The Tale of Despereaux Written by Kate DiCamillo and Illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering After hearing so much about this book, I finally picked it up at the library. It's an interesting story with a focus on dark and light, literally and of human (and mouse, and rat!) nature. I liked that the author directed things to the reader at times and put forth challenging words and concepts. I was a little disappointed that we switched our main character so often but it seemed necessary to the plot. I will keep reading more work by Kate DiCamillo because she has been so highly praised but something about this whole book and particularly the ending didn't feel satisfying. Maybe I'm just too old and a child of the right age would feel like what they got was 'enough'.

Fiona's Luck Written by Teresa Bateman and Illustrated by Kelly Murphy A beautifully illustrated picture book, a bit of a new fairy tale centered on early Ireland and leprechauns. A very smart young lady has a plan for renewing luck to the people by gambling with leprechauns. I love how well the illustrations suit the folktale nature of the story and the represent Ireland during what I presume is the potato famine.

Enjoy the rest of Children's Book Week!