Busy days with a guinea pig

No, not a real one! They do look cute but also seem to be a lot of work to care for.


The book I'm working on now is about a guinea pig. I've been relying on the internet and google images for much of my research but in this case I just wasn't finding reliable or broad enough results. Instead, I checked out every guinea pig book I could find at the library - and there were a lot! Besides the mass of guinea pig picture books, there were plenty of books on how to care for a guinea pig (and other small animals!). I've been renewing one book that was the best find in terms of showing cages, different breeds, positions, food and grooming, etc. I really do love the library and I've been underestimating it's value in researching subjects. I have tons of work to go in finishing this book over the next few weeks - but I'll likely share some more snippets soon enough.