Birthday, Book, and Baby

Happy Birthday to me! I'll be spending my day doing the things I like the most - having delicious bean tacos with my husband over in Kittery, browsing the library for a pile of picture books, ordering new glasses that I desperately need, having a sketch-date with a friend at a coffee shop and likely having a hot fudge sundae with all the fixings for dessert (I had cake with family last night, and I've been craving the sundae for ages).

I also wanted to share some spreads from my new book. It was really fun to see my niece open this as one of her birthday gift and say 'My auntie made this!' - so cute.

And last (but certainly not least!) I wanted to share the BIG news that I'm having a baby! I'm due early next year - it explains not only my blog break earlier this summer, my drawing of cats napping (what I was doing!), and my craving for the hot fudge sundae! This is our first child and we are very excited. I've been meaning to take some belly pics now that I am big enough to clearly be pregnant and not just indulgent/puffy - I might share them here soon.