Best Gig Ever, Reminiscing...

As I'm working on my website overhaul my mind has been wandering, especially when working on my biography. It's hard to condense yourself into a few short paragraphs. And particularly a work history.

I started off as a compositor (mostly for tv) and really loved it. It was exciting to be working with big clients on these strange animated things. Boston wasn't the best area for this but after the game company I was at tanked, I was lucky enough to work with the super-talented Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis on an award-winning commercial back in 2000. I had no idea that they had just come off an Oscar nomination. I knew that I had a well-paying job that I actually could walk to (from my apartment in Cambridge to theirs). I knew that they were very smart, talented, and quite wonderful people all around. I learned that having a tea and chocolate chip cookie break in the afternoon was an excellent motivational tool. I learned that what we call mac n' cheese, the Canadians call kraft dinner. And it does taste good with sauteed onions. I learned to stand up to my producer (and former boss) to get the job done, and done on time. I learned that I could be a lead on something and do it well.

Quite simply, it was one of the best short jobs ever. I lost touch with Wendy and Amanda not that long afterward, but I hope they are off somewhere making more beautiful films. As I'm moving into a phase of work where I'm doing something I love, it's encouraging to remember working with other people who really loved their work and process. And the afternoon tea and cookies.