I finished these beets a few weeks ago and forgot to share them! It's my first finished illustration in a newer style using mixed media. There are layered elements, colored pencil and ink, and a mixed use of papers (hot press, cold press, kraft). They'll be displayed next month in a gallery show - which I'll be sure to announce in a few weeks.

The Brotfinka recipe comes from my dear friend Anna's family. It's quite delicious (if you can read it!) and a beautiful shade of red/pink. Her family is Polish and as a child, mealtimes always had me a little nervous. I usually tease her about that time they 'said' they were serving cucumber soup. It turned out to be much more like pickle soup! My favorite meal was fruit compote with gooseberries, served cold with egg noodles. Such a foreign concept to my Irish-American palate, but really delicious.