Back from Vacation


So I'm back after a week out in Las Vegas. Above is a page from my sketch book. Little did I know that the funny shorts I drew on my monster were real shorts worn by the guy who sat next to me on the plane just an hour after I drew them. He didn't look like my monster though. :)


Sort of in line with last week's Illustration Friday theme of 'Moon'.

No, I did not make any money. But I did have a great time. The husband and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary with some good pool time, slot machine losses, a cirque du soleil show (we saw KA, it was amazing!), a Kathy Griffin show, and a trip to a hawaiian fine restaurant chain called Roys. I think he finally got the Vegas itch out of his system and I finally saw the Bellagio fountain show. Last time we went it rained out (a rare thing in the desert) and actually the first two days were stormy as well but it cleared up in time for me to see that and more.

I'm glad to be home and back at work on a variety of things as usual. I spent some time last week working  on and writing my book dummy and feel like I need to work on another idea after hitting a bit of a roadblock. I've also been reading lots of picture books and Bird by Bird as recommended by a friend. Creating a dummy has been a huge challenge for me (which is a good thing).