Baby Stuff, part1


Just a few stuffed baby toys to share. I've been playing around with different finish styles in Illustrator so I can move forward with vector licensing work. I settled (for now) on this style which is sort of close to my gouache style but with a little scruffier line quality. I think I just need to 1. Allow myself to play and experiment. I'm relatively new at this so it's an investment in the future not a deadline for someone else. 2. See that my style will come through, even if I'm not inventing some new pretty vector style, it's my line and character that ends up making it unique (I hope!)

I've got a ton of icons for a baby collection complete but the little animals are my favorite. Actual, the duck doesn't quite go with this 4 leg/arm grouping... Hmm, must add another little critter in here. Tomorrow I'll try to move onto patterns and adding (creating?) an alphabet but I think the kitchen cabinet delivery and installation could interfere...