Auntie Bird


I thought it would be nice to return to dry land for a minute. Here's my first character sketch for Auntie Bird. I've been kicking around a book idea in my head for a few weeks now loosly based on my two favorite great aunts and this is the first attempt. I'm sure there will be many revisions. I'm starting to fixate on bikes and birds of late. It's actually very fitting for this Auntie b/c she was fiercly independent. And riding a bike is as independent as you can get. Well, unless it's a bicycle built for two. The idea of which I found completely and utterly ridiculous. I want to feel the wind in my face on a bike. Not stare at the back of anyone's head (loved one or not!). Oh, and on I ramble. Back to painting, I'm halfway through frame 9, woo hoo!