Arizona, Pics

So I got back from Arizona on Saturday. I was so happy to be back home, I'm not the best solo traveler and it's the longest I've been away from my husband in years. I was a bit too busy to do all the things I hoped to do while there (for work) so I was just happy to sit quietly a few nights at the resort and watch the sunset with a good meal in hand.
I loved taking walks on the property, it was very peaceful there.
My favorite part were the cottontail rabbits everywhere. With big ears, small bodies, and a very cute cottonball-white tail, they seem much more 'rabbit-like' than the New England variety I'm used to. My only regret was not getting a good picture of one. They are skittish and I really tried to be present in the moment instead of taking photos at every turn. I like swinging both arms while I walk, unencumbered by tourist accessories.
If you must visit the desert in the middle of the summer, at least you'll find cheap hotel rates and less crowds. The heat wasn't as bad as I anticipated but my first hours back in Maine (I flew into Portland) then New Hampshire were SOOO refreshing. Cool and breezy with the scent of the ocean and greenery in the air.
Up next, sketches!