Anne Rockwell

Weeks ago my friend Jen asked what children's books I love, and I was thinking of this again today as I placed books in a new bookcase (so excited about that!). I don't remember liking or even knowing of too many conventional 'classic' books as a child, which is odd because I was such a bookworm.

The Girl with a Donkey Tail by Anne Rockwell was one of my very favorites. It's a chapter book with lovely black and white illustrations. (I've always adored chapter books and was so sad when I reached the age where ALL the pictures disappeared from my books.) I love fairy tales, and it's so great to have female heroines. I'm certain this book inspired me in some way.

I had to do a quick lookup on Anne Rockwell since I honestly didn't know of her other than by this one book. She has been extremely prolific, illustrating and writing many many books for over 30 years, and continues today. She also has paired up with her husband, son, and daughter as the illustrators to her writing. She appears to work with daughter Lizzie the most, her illustrations are also quite nice. I'll keep an eye out for her now that I'm more 'educated'. And I'm a little intimidated to know that she is still out there writing!


The Cover


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