Ahhh, nature. Part 1


So I've been working (amidst the renovation chaos) on some 'nature' stuff. I was feeling stuck with this grouping and since it's sort of a client thing being stuck was making me a little nervous. I escaped the house a bit yesterday and since it's high-spring and this grouping was slightly spring focused, I got inspired. I had a good idea (I think/I thought) about a series and colorways for them to all coordinate. The image above is 'tree with buds', dark brown and spring green on light brown. The ground will be the same for the whole group. Other combos/images to work on are 1. dark brown and pink/magenta/purple (haven't decided) for flower blossoms on branches. 2.dark brown and yellow/gold for forsythia. I'd like to incorporate birds, butterflies, and fish but not sure if I'll be able to make the leap and have everything coordinate.

As a side note I remember HATING forsythia as a kid. We had a huge hedge/bush of it in our side yard and the yellow just looked so garish and ugly to me. Now I love it and wait for it each year. Although I must say that a few bushes around town have been crazy pruned into bowling ball round shapes and it (IMHO) totally ruins the look. Forsythia (like the Veruca Salt song) should be wild and un-tamed.