3 Things Thursday: Giveway, Exhibit, and my new favorite picture book!

... over at Picture Book Junkies, Alicia Padron has been doing a week-long book giveaway that also details her process in creating the lovely pop-up book I Love You All Year Round. Be sure to check it out, and read this to get in on the fun. The submissions that people have been sending are great!

Second... I have an illustration exhibit over at the Exeter Public Library's Children's Room in Exeter, NH. The exhibit runs through the end of October. It's a beautiful space and everyone there seems wonderful, you should sneak over if you live nearby. As a funny coincidence, they have a guinea pig there, and frankly it was the first real guinea pig I had seen since doing Dirty Gertie and having JUST finished the book it was a fun treat to watch him. Most artwork is also available for sale (reasonably priced). Things that don't sell there will be on Etsy in November, stay tuned for information about that.

Third... I found this book, The Chicken of the Family, at the library yesterday and instantly fell in love. Partly because I'm the youngest of three girls and my sisters used to pick on me (still do!), partly because I believe chickens are my spirit animals. But mostly, I love this book because it's so well written (by Mary Amato) and illustrated (by Delphine Durand). For more of Delphine's books, go here. To see her lovely blog, go here. I will be buying this book soon, and looking for all the other books written and illustrated by these two talented ladies.