Studio Tour 2014

Some years ago I had what seemed like the studio of my dreams. Lots of light, desk space, bookshelves, and art tacked up in an orderly way. Then we added our sweet little girl to the family and my studio (now her lovely room) needed a much smaller home. I took what I could: a back corner of our living room. The plus side was that it was FAR away from the children's rooms so I didn't work in fear of waking them. The down side is that the space was SO much smaller that I lost desk space, bookshelves, and a place to tack up art.

After three years of working in space I didn't quite feel belonged to me, the space is now MINE. I have inspiration pieces and art tacked up - and to be honest, the light is much better back here too. I do need to purge constantly and battle clutter at every turn, but I think it helps to keep me focused.

a: Ancient (but cheap and trusty) Canon iP4000 printer
b: Also ancient (but expensive and comfy) Herman Miller chair
c: DIY bulletin board (homasote + fabric) - best new addition this year!
d: Mac for doing 'the work' that doesn't involve pencil and gouache. Headphones are a MUST.
e: The Ikea flat file that every artist uses - because it's big and cheap and just right.
f: Mess of picture book dummies, journals, stamps, papers
g: I'd love to upgrade to a big flatbed scanner, but the Epson V33 is a good worker bee.

a: I sketch incredibly small and light, and always with these Pentel e-sharp mechanicals
b: Childhood tchotchkes: Gina gum catcher made by my mom, windup, toy and '76 metal truck
c: A Toast! Sweet friend Nina Crittenden sent this card last year - worth a milion smiles so far!
d: Little ceramic bird plates by local artist Susan Schwake 
e: One Was Johnny by Maurice Sendak
f: Simpsons Lego minifigs - my kids have Lego fever and these finally lured me in too.
g: Postcards! I have switched to limited mailings so I always have extras - request and I will send!
h: Paintings from Mati Rose McDonough's Dare to Paint class. I will finish them someday!

a: My DIY chalkboard-painted Ikea drawers hold all the fussy bits
b: Lightbox tucked away for transferring sketches to watercolor paper
c: Self-healing cutting mat - I should work on my nice desktop but this catches all the heat
d: My favorite oil painting from college - view from Conor Pass, Dingle Bay, Ireland 
e: Choolie! AKA best drafting stool ever. It's old and I can't find a link anywhere.
f: I'll take suggestions on a replacement, please! Rigged to stand, and flickers. 

a: My kids!
b: My current picture book dummy-in-progress
c: Shells, robin eggs, rocks, tea box of medallions/crosses: little treasures
d: 2013-2014 sketchbooks
e: I love my Tuesday Bassen ceramic faces!
f: My Tricia Tharp lumberjack bear painting - I love how he looks like he's holding my brushes!
g: Slightly organized mess of brushes, pencils, knives, pens, erasers, etc.
h: Kid art!
i: Wool flower brooch from Ireland
j: Best Day Ever Spongebob - I grabbed him the day I left my full time AD job, knowing I was going to put all of myself into an illustration career, finally. 

Oh, and if anyone is curious about other artists up on my bulletin board, from left to right, and top down: my son, Chris Raschka, Patty Mynczywor, Laura Zarrin, Jin Suk, Katherine Hardy, Tina Kugler, Jeannie Brett, Rebecca Malone, Kathy Weller, Renee Kurilla, Tamisha Anthony (Prospect Agency Calendar), Newburyport Drink & Draw