10 Things about what we're reading now.

1.Books. They've overflowed our shelves, baskets, cubbies, hands, chairs, and home.

2.We go to 2 different libraries, at least 1 trip a week.

3.Board books have been our staple for a few months, for their durability. Picture books are creeping back in for the long, quiet bedtime reading.

4.You can't go wrong with Leslie Patricelli, Simms Taback, or Sandra Boynton in our house.

5.Mommy grabs a handful of picture books, just for her, on our way out of the library.

6.Books about babies are a hit - their bodies, their routines, their actions.

7.I'm afraid to return certain books to the library because they are so loved at nap/bedtimes, but our next trip always gets a few new winners to replace them.

8.You can't predict what will be a success. I thought Baby Bear's Chairs (Jane Yolan, Melissa Sweet) would have been a huge hit, and we can only get 6 pages in each time.

9.When there are several copies of a title on the library shelf, it's a good sign.

10.Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb is the catchiest, most enjoyable read-aloud book about monkeys. And it's from 1969. Read (and see) why, here.